Religious Aid

Missionary work is grueling, taxing, and demanding. Often times we hear missionaries returning from the field and missionary sending organizations saying “I wish I would have been better prepared for the risks associated with missions work.” As the overhead associated with missionary work increases so is the growing number of risks around cyber and physical security. Usually these risks are overshadowed and overlooked by other overhead responsibilities but they should be complimentary to a strong spiritual foundation and the platform for which all other work is built.

JLTC Security Group’s in-house staff and trusted partners help you manage these growing number of risks in the cyber and physical security landscapes. Our team of experts can help your missionary organization, missionary team, or NGO make better decisions about the security landscape that lies ahead of you.


“Our network is no longer a liability but now an asset to our school.”

Beau W. Senior IT Administrator - Calvary New Orleans

Cyber Security

Cyber security issues such as data breaches, insider threats, or failure to maintain a fully patched environment, are a never-ending problem for your organization’s leadership and staff. Mishandled cyber security increases your organization to exposure and puts your sensitive data and personnel at risk which can impact your reputation, reduce your donor funding due to lack of confidence, or put the lives of your staff in jeopardy. All organizations face cyber security threats: JLTC Security Group brings those threats to light. JLTC Security Group offers a complete risk assessment package designed to identify your existing systems and identify the gaps in those systems based on industry-accepted security practices. We come along side you and your staff and reduce risks together.


Risk Management

Your donors and staff are critical to your core mission and your core mission, based on the very nature of what you do, places your staff in elevated risk situations. Because the security threat landscape continuously changes, you can depend on JLTC Security Group to provide expert leadership on wide ranges of security issues.

Our experts can deliver individual, team level, unit level, and organizational level risk assessments and remediations including:

  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Crisis management
  • Travel security
  • Event security
  • Project management
  • Policy review and creation
  • Procedure review and creation
  • On-site presentations and learning

Let’s get started

Our team is comprised of former law enforcement, military, industry regulated security, and staff who have worked on and with missionary organizations in the most dangerous areas. Our proven expertise directly translates into actionable steps that you and your organization can implement as best practice to reduce risk while delivering on your core mission.