“Our network is no longer a liability but now an asset to our school.”

Beau W. Senior IT Administrator - Calvary New Orleans

“The level of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism displayed by JLTC Security Group is outstanding!”

Ti-Lea D. Officer Manager - Town of Mineral Municipal Government

“I’m not a network guy by trade and JLTC Security Group was patient with me and transferred knowledge in a way I could understand.”

Clint B. Director of IT - Grove Avenue

“Before JLTC Security Group, our infrastructure was piecemealed and we were crippled by a computer virus. We now have a cohesive infrastructure with the appropriate tools to manage it.”

Beau W. Senior IT Administrator - Calvary New Orleans

“Awesome service and knowledge of all aspects of the technical world.”

Ti-Lea D. Officer Manager - Town of Mineral Municipal Government

“Our network was disjointed, outdated, and hard-to-understand. JLTC Security Group did a great job upgrading our whole network.”

Clint B. Director of IT - Grove Avenue

Who we are

JLTC Security Group takes a different approach to information technology than other vendors. We start with a firm security foundation then build up. Most technology providers, and most clients, add security after their technology is in place. If recent events are any indication, “Security As An Afterthought” is not the appropriate implementation method.

JLTC Security Group utilizes our extensive multi-disciplinary experience in information security to reduce or eliminate risk management challenges. By starting with security first, we ensure that our clients are protected from unecessary risk from day one and, for clients that already have an extensive technology implementation, we remediate weak security and target opportunities for improvement.

Featured clients

Our history

September 2017

JLTCtechnology creates JLTC Security Group

JLTCtechnology creates JLTC Security Group to focus the company on filling the cyber-security gap and brings on three additional staff members in response to an increase for JLTC services from customers.

14 November 2016

JLTCtechnology opens online market and provides security in Eastern Europe

JLTCtechnology sells the first ultra-compact unified threat gateway appliance on Amazon.com which opens the door for subsequent sells in the United States and internationally while, for the first time, providing contracted real-time security operations center support for a private client in Eastern Europe.

20 December 2013

Innovation lab idea turns into for-profit company

What was an innovation lab idea is spun off into a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the State of Louisiana.

12 December 2006

Our company was founded

A need for well-rounded technology + security within an innovation lab sparked the idea for creating a technology group.