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Technical Consulting

business_team_huddle_custom_15262JLTCtech’s 8+ years of consulting experience has helped dozens of small businesses and non-profits turn their tech ideas into reality. Just like the customers we serve, JLTCtech understands what it takes to get technology working for your business. JLTCtech’s consulting team works closely with your business leadership team or existing IT staff to ensure that the ideas and goals you have for your business are implemented on time and on budget. We keep your team informed through every design, purchase, and implementation so that your business will intimately understand the technology it uses.

JLTCtech doesn’t believe in implementing a solution that only we understand nor will we configure a system that only we can manage leaving your business at our mercy. We will work to deliver a solution that is nearly completely open-source. Not only does this reduce cost in the long run when it comes to support and licensing, but provides for flexibility when reaching out for short-term technical support or long-term IT management. If an open-source solution isn’t right for your situation, we will work with our technology partners to provide the most cost effective, reliable, and meaningful solution for your design. Addionally, JLTCtech provides post-installation maintenance and lifecycle management to keep your IT infrastructure healthy as your business evolves.

Although we provide assistance with all areas of the IT infrastructure, some of the areas our customers frequently inquire about are:

  • Product implementation roadmaps
  • AUPs and documentation creation
  • Infrastructure mapping
  • Edge security
  • Internal security (physical and software)
  • Server deployment
  • Data backup and archival
  • Data backup for compliance
  • Cloud integration
  • Domain refresh
  • VMware setup
  • SQL server setup

If you aren’t located in the New Orleans, LA, US region, we provide consulting and technical services through remote video conference technology.

When you’re ready to speak with JLTCtech’s certified and accredited consulting staff, whether it be in person or remotely, contact us.

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