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TeamSpeak is a voice collaboration service popular with gaming teams. What makes this product great for business? You can collaborate in real time with little overhead both with non-secure (default) and secure (encrypted) channels. No more paying for expensive VoIP service, or using communication platforms that only allow two participants at a time.

For a limited time, JLTCtech is offering secure and non-secure TeamSpeak 3 voice communication for any private party or gaming team at no cost! Download the TeamSpeak 3 client for your operating system here:

Once you have TeamSpeak 3 installed, add a bookmark for and get connected! Looking for your own private room? Contact [email protected] and submit your request.

Are you a business looking for a way to reach out to your customers or collaborate on projects without paying the high fees associated with traditional land line or VoIP services? Contact us for pricing and availability.


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