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Our Company and Staff

JLTCtechnology, LLC was formed by Mr. John Ball in December of 2006 under “johndball.com” as a placeholder for his tech projects and tech lab. As time progressed, so did his business and his focus on the problems small businesses and non-profits encountered with technology.

robot_running_from_line_800_clr_14596A year earlier, John had taken a position with a non-profit as their senior IT administrator. Immediately, John realized that there was a void when it came to obtaining information technology services at prices his employer’s non-profit could afford. John searched for enterprise-level IT solutions at non-profit prices but they did not exist.

As time passed, technology services on a global level expanded and prices for these services dropped. Soon, small business and non-profits could purchase quality technology services at lower prices. There was a caveat though. Those same small businesses and non-profits had little technology background to implement those services effectively. The provider of those services usually required substantial additional cost to provide setup for their product, if setup and support was even provided at a granular level. Once again, small businesses and non-profits were stuck in the same line as their larger counterparts.

Between 2008 and 2012, John continued to provide technology consulting and services to non-profits but always felt that a key piece of the puzzle was missing. In December of 2012, John refocused his business and formed JLTCtechnology, LLC to pair superior-grade technology services and consulting with lost-cost, not low quality, support.

JLTCtechnology, LLC is not like your other tech service providers. As a small business, JLTCtechnology can relate to your needs and provide you with options based on those needs. We encourage you to check out our product offerings to see if JLTCtechnology can be the piece that fits into your puzzle. If we do not have the product you are looking for, we still encourage you to contact us. Our goal is not to cater just to those wanting our services. We truly want your business to succeed.



Mr. John Ball is the owner and operator of JLTCtechnology, LLC. He manages the daily operations of the company and is responsible for business clients and the majority of the technological configurations. His primary specialty is in Network and Infrastructure security. Other specialties include: Microsoft Server OS, Microsoft Windows Desktop OS; Linux (Ubuntu and Debian Server), VMware’s suite of products; Storage Area Networks (iSCSI, FibreChannel, NFS); Data Archiving; Mobile Device Management; Infrastructure Compliance; Domain Refresh; Google Apps for Work; Lab Construction; Wired and Wireless Networking; and Cloud-based solutions.

John is a Microsoft Certified Professional, VMware vCenter Certified Associate, Amazon Accredited Consulting Partner, Untangle Authorized Reseller and Managed Service Provider. Non-IT specialties included: Certified Forensic Video Technician, Certified Cellular Forensic Examiner (Physical and Logical extraction methods), and holds a plethora of other training certificates in the law enforcement and digital forensic fields.

You can read more about him here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johndball



blaizeMr. Blaize Stewart primarily provides Web Design for JLTCtech web-host customers. Away from that role, Mr. Stewart also specializes in: Design Patterns, .NET Platform (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight), VB6, pHp, Java, C++, C, HTML, Javascript, XML, SQL (MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, SQLite, FoxPro, Access), Operating Systems (Windows Clients and Servers, Linux, Macs) Network Technologies (Ethernet, Wireless Networks and Security, Broadband Services, Watchgaurd Products, SonicWall Products, Untangle Platform, pfSense, 3-Com Managed Swtiches).

You can read more about him here: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=78215168

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