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  • New blog post: Configuring ESET ERA server for fault tolerance without mirrored servers - Ever wanted to build a hot-standby fault-tolerant ESET ERA server without ESET ERA mirroring? Check out my latest post on configuring your ESET ERA for fault tolerance:
  • New Blog Post: Upgrading the SysAid Free Edition MSSQL Database - I’ve posted a new guide on my personal tech blog for upgrading the SysAid Free help desk edition program to a new MS SQL database edition:
  • New announcements at JLTCtech - We’re pleased to announce that JLTCtech is now using Amazon’s amazing storage service to provide an extra layer of protection on our customer’s data. In addition to our own in-house services designed to insure your data, we now also use Amazon as an extra layer […]
  • Service Delay - Our network provider is experiencing problems again with our network connectivity from all inbound and outbound traffic from New Orleans. A ticket has been submitted for resolution. Updates will be provided as we receive them.
  • Service delay - We’re working with our business network provider to resolve a connection issue between our backup site (New Orleans, LA) and their router. Customer servers and our web servers will still be accessible. Only reporting and status monitoring will be unavailable. Update 05 July 1827 hours […]
  • New Addtions to JLTCtech - After receiving many requests for an affordable VPS solution, we’ve started the process to offer VPS at affordable prices… something we believe should be available to everybody and not just the “heavy hitters” competing for your business. We’ve also put our web server status […]
  • E-Commerce checkout live - Our e-commerce checkout option is now LIVE on all Web Hosting products. Check it out here: The remaining products will be updated with e-commerce options throughout the week.
  • Special Offer on Web Hosting Services - For the week of May 26 through midnight, May 31st, all new JLTCtech Web Host customers can save 50% off on Web Host Quick Starter plans for 6 months. That’s $4.99 per month to have your website hosted at JLTCtech. Veteran owned businesses, JLTCtech will […]
  • Satisifed Customers - Check out a few of our satisfied customers:
  • Testing some new features - If you didn’t know that we were on Twitter and LinkedIn? Now ya do! Multi-posting feature is now live! This allows us to post updates, offers, and announcements to Twitter (@JLTCtechnology :, Facebook (JLTCtechnology, LLC :, and LinkedIn ( at one time. We’re […]
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